The Health Professions Residential Academic Program (HPRAP) occupies Kittredge West Hall, which was fully renovated in 2013.  The HPRAP accommodates approximately 260 freshmen and returning sophomores.  The philosophy of the HPRAP is to provide a small liberal arts learning and living community for students particularly interested in healthcare and related professions.  These career paths may include, but are not limited to: Chiropractic Medicine, Dentistry, Naturopathic Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapist, Optometry, Osteopathic, Medical Doctor, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physician’s Assistant, Podiatry, Public Health, Veterinary Medicine.

As students progress in their academic career, we invite them to continue their participation as an HPRAP member.  We provide leadership opportunities and advanced coursework benefiting our sophomore and upper-class students.  Students of all colleges and schools are welcome, although the curriculum may not lend itself to some engineering majors.


Small Classes, in the Hall….

HPRAP provides you with highly desirable courses, taught by expert teachers in a supportive atmosphere, where each individual is valued.  HPRAP students will take at least one course offered by the program each semester.  As part of our unique HPRAP identity, our many course offerings allow most participants to choose a second HPRAP course.  Courses are taught on-site within our Hall, with an average of only 20 students per class.  These courses range from basic science courses to courses on bioethics, global health policy, writing, and the social sciences.  As part of the HPRAP experience, faculty provide co-curricular activities to enhance the learning environment and integrate the Health Professions theme through experiences such as field trips and guest speakers.


Committed Faculty & Staff Fostering Exploration and Community….

The Health Professions RAP faculty and staff work towards providing meaningful experiences that will prove valuable as students move towards their academic and career aspirations.  Students with clinical and research experience, community service, and leadership roles will be very desirable to future employers and graduate school admissions committees.  Through collaboration with the Pre-Health Advising Office and programming provided by the Health Professions RAP, students will be presented with opportunities in these cornerstone areas.  Faculty and staff enjoy creating a sense of community through a number of extra-curricular activities hosted within the halls, campus, and throughout our community.  Students don’t have to travel far to meet with their HPRAP faculty and staff members; offices and classrooms are housed on the first floor of Kittredge West.  HPRAP also sponsors a Faculty-in-Residence, where a facultymember lives within the Kittredge West community.


The Health Professions RAP will be a rewarding adventure and will serve as a gateway to opportunities on campus and beyond.